Hello fellow book lovers! So you want to know a little bit about me? Let’s see…My name is Regina, and I’m 24. I’m currently an English Creative Writing major. Not very exciting? Ok, let’s try this again.

Besides the fact that I read a ton and love to write. Here are five things about me:

1.) I live in a small house with my best friend, a.k.a. my boyfriend.

2.) I have a slight addiction to tea.

3.) When I get married it will be in front of a castle in Scotland. (Theme: Romance/Adventure)

4.) I have a cat and she is slightly crazy.

5.) One day I will run through a sunflower field.

On this lovely blog you will find anything/everything to do with books and writing. You might also find from time to time posts on other things I love. From music all the way to kayaking! I also occasionally vlog, so you’ll frequently see video posts. This gives me yet another creative medium to share my love for books and writing.

Please bear with me as my blog will slowly change appearance until it’s exactly how I want it to look. I’m still learning about WordPress. As I learn, my blog will hopefully become better and better!

Other places you can find me:






What do you think?

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