Love-A-Thon: Mad Lib


Get ready for the Love-A-Thon mini challenge number three: Mad Lib. To make it like a true mad lib, I had my “real” boyfriend ask me for the corresponding word for each blank space. That way I didn’t know what the story was about and it would make it a lot funnier. When he read it back to me, we were both laughing in hysterics. I seriously had so much fun with this challenge! So without further ado, here it is:

One day, I was Flying with Marcus Flutie. Out of the blue, a Turtle came out of nowhere! It was so WeirdHandsome and Lonely. At first, we were afraid, we were petrified, but we Drank. We hopped on the hover car to make our getaway.

As we escaped, we turned up the radio because dark horse came on and it made me jump. Everything was extremely smooth sailing until a giraffe appeared in the middle of the road. We swerved to avoid it, but while Marcus Flutie stayed on the hover car, I got thrown onto my side in the woods.

I couldn’t get up, and felt smoky as I lay there staring up at the trees. What was I going to do? I heard a rumble among the leaves, and felt happy. Surely, this was going to be my end. As my eyes fluttered shut, the last thing I saw was a head of green hair and blue eyes.

When I woke up again, I was on a table. My body hurt a whole lot less, and I could sit up. There was a tea bag and flowers in the room, along with pickles and vodka. The door suddenly opened to reveal Wolf, a concerned look on his face. I blushed and averted my gaze, but he played and said, “Don’t be shy. It’s okay.”

He came over to sit by me, and we started talking after I told him my name. We chatted about knitting, writing and snowboarding and realized we had a ton in common! I thought he was lazy and couldn’t help feeling a little swoony.

Just as he reached out for my hand, the door crashed open and in came Logan Eccles. “Don’t let him charm you away, my love!” He yelled, running at Wolf. They each had blenders in their hands and began to fight. “Stop!”, I yelled, feeling so frisky. They didn’t listen to me. Before I could intervene, Wolf fell to the floor and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

“What was that?” I asked, staring at the empty space. Logan Eccles dropped his weapon, and came over to me. “Magic, but you are safe now, love muffin.” He hugged me close, and I suddenly knew that this was the real deal and not just a dream.

Just as Just the two of us started playing in my head, I woke up. I cursed my gangly luck. Why had it only been just a dream?

I hope you enjoyed reading the silliness! If you want to see everyone else’s love letters go look at the list here.


Love-A-Thon: Book Valentine Love Letter


It’s time for the second Love-A-Thon mini challenge: Write a Valentine’s Day love letter to your book boyfriend(s)/girlfriend(s).

If you read my interview with Alyssa from Books Take You Places, you would have learned that I love Marcus Flutie from the Sloppy Firsts series by Megan McCafferty. So it’s no surprise that my Valentine love letter is to him. I wrote it as if we are already together.

To the boy who stole my heart,

Time stands still when we’re together. Every touch from you melts me into a helpless puddle, and your voice makes my heart beat like hummingbirds wings. Your eyes take me in, in a way I never knew could be so intimate. I would never change anything about you. You are perfection. Being with you didn’t change me, instead you completed me. From your rusty red hair to your hidden creative talents, never forget that all I need is

                                        You. Yes. You.


                     The girl who holds the key to your heart.

Ok it’s probably a little cheesy, but there it is. If you want to see everyone else’s love letters go look at the list here.

Who’s my Book Valentine? Find out M.A.S.H. style!


I thought it would be fun to see which of my book crushes (plus one non-crush) I might end up with using the game M.A.S.H. It was a ton of fun changing up the categories to fit my theme!

Who do you want to be your book Valentine?