My First Author Signing


I had the pleasure of attending Marissa Meyer’s author singing in Orlando, Florida on February 18th. This was my first author signing and it couldn’t have gone better. Marissa is super sweet and I had a blast!



I had intended on filming her talking and answering questions, but that didn’t work out. Since I left for the signing straight from work, I got there right when it was supposed to start (it’s a 2.5 hr drive for me). Everyone was already crowded in front of her, so I was in the very back. I’m short and I couldn’t see her very well, hence not having any footage. Therefore, I’m going to do my best to tell you a few of the things she talked about from memory.

First off, she’s a huge nerd! Her whole family used to go to Star Trek movies dressed up as Trekkies. How cool is that?! She showed us a picture of her when she was young at a Star Trek movie dressed up as a Klingon. This is how she transitioned into telling us how The Lunar Chronicles came to be. You see she’s a huge Star Trek fan. It was time for NaNoWriMo to begin and there was a contest specifically for those who lived in Seattle. Now, if you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, you basically have a month to write a novel, fifty thousand words. The contest was that whoever wrote double that amount would win a walk on role in an upcoming Star Trek episode.

Marissa had a dream a few months before NaNoWriMo about Cinderella fleeing from the ball. Instead of a glass slipper falling off, her whole foot fell off! This is what sparked the idea for Cinderella as a cyborg. Marissa wrote just over 150,000 words, but ended up coming in third. Although she didn’t win she had the first drafts for Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress written. The Lunar ChroniclesIt took her another two years to re-write Cinder. Once she sent out the manuscript, she heard back from a publisher within a few days and was signed. Not only did she get her books published, Marissa found out that the promised Star Trek episode was never made.

Other things I learned:

When she was a teenager, Marissa fell in love with Sailor Moon. This fueled her to write Sailor Moon fan fiction throughout high school and college. This encouraged her to enter a Sailor Moon fan fiction writing contest, which she won second place in. Afterwards, she found out there were only two entries, hers and someone else’s. However, this is what sparked her to begin writing futuristic stories.

I also learned that Cinder could possibly be made into a movie. I would love to see The Lunar Chronicles on the big screen!

Marissa Meyer

This author signing was such a great experience for me. My biggest dream since I was a little girl has always been to become an author when I “grow-up.” I’m working really hard towards this goal. There have been a lot of obstacles in my way, but hearing Marissa speak encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing. You have to fight for your dreams, even if that means waking up extremely early every morning to get your writing in for the day.

Have you ever been to an author signing? Who’s was it? Would you like to go to one? Are you a fan of The Lunar Chronicles?